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Hi, I'm  Stephanie

Decorating my home on a Budget and making YouTube easier for the beginner and the seasoned YouTube, along with sharing my Diabetic Journey Brings me Joy...


Hello Friends,  


 I share various tips, in my home, and life, from Tablescapes to makeup, using routine regimens simply by Thrifting, Organizing,

  and Bargain shopping.


To be inspirational to those who subscribe and discover how- to bring budget-friendly beauty to their home. ​ 

I do my best to share what I have learned on YouTube with others by making YouTube a bit easier, by using Forms and Videos. 


Getting healthy is important to me.  Sharing my Diabetic journey to wellness is keeping me on point. My journey may also help others know that they are not alone and that we can do this together. 


 Join the Creatively Ms. Me Family on YouTube on the following:


 and bring a Friend...


Thanks, Stephanie

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